Social Media Motivates Student Literacy

For many educators, engaging students in reading  and writing can often be a challenge. They are frequently disinterested in traditional paper and pen writing. This is especially true as their world involves the immediacy and interactivity that is offered by various social media platforms. In promoting constructivist teaching, learning activities in the classroom should be based in a meaningful context that relates to students’ real world. Keengwe, Onchwari, and Wachira (2008),  state that students whose teachers use technology as one of their tools for teaching and learning are not as bored in class. Incorporating social media into the classroom is one way of motivating students in developing their reading and writing skills.  As previously mentioned social media emphasizes communication and collaboration among individuals. In the presentation below, we explore how social media can be a motivational factor for student literacy specifically blogging platforms and Twitter.

To view our Prezi presentation on how social media can be a motivational factor for student literacy, please click on the image below. Please note that the presentation will open in a new tab or window. Please return here to continue on in our presentation.

Social Media Prezi

When incorporating social media into the classroom teachers can present students with a meaningful learning opportunity through reading and writing in an authentic environment and for an authentic audience. To this end, social media has also changed the definition of authorship and audience. To explore this change further, click here.

 To see the full transcript of this Prezi in our Google Doc, click here.

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