What it means to be an author and an audience

A Brief History

The move to social media has been paved by a series of advances in technology coupled with many economic factors and governmental policy changes. In this first video, let’s become more familiar with how we got here, and why social media has become such a motivating force of expression.

You will now be presented with two opposing positions – a technological determinist’s dream come true! This is your chance to challenge two very contrasting viewpoints with your own ideas. As you watch the videos below find the inconsistencies with your beliefs. It doesn’t matter which video you watch first.

Social Medias Impact on Authorship and Audience: Two Contrasting Views

Presenting “Mr Critical of Social Media”

Presenting “Mr Pro Social Media”

Your Say

We’d love to hear what you have to say upon reflection of the above two viewpoints.

  1. How do you see social media influencing authorship?
  2. How has social media impacted upon your role as “audience”?
  3. Which viewpoint above resonated mostly with you? Why?

Here is your opportunity to critique the stances presented by “Mr Critical of Social Media” and “Mr Pro Social Media”. Please post your thoughts and comments below.

To see the full transcript of these 3 dialogues, click here.

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