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Mar 18 / songgao

Today is Friday, Tomorrow is Saturday

I’m sure everyone has heard about Rebecca Black in some way and her infamous song “Friday”. Honestly, the first time I heard the song (which was before I knew so many people ridiculed her and said the song was the worst ever), I found it quite amusing. And undeniably, it is catchy and I couldn’t stop thinking about it after hearing it.

I feel sympathetic for her receiving so many critics and she said during an interview with “Good Morning America” that she felt “cyperbullied” and she did an “unplugged” version of the song (without auto tunes) to prove that she can sing. For a 13 year old, I don’t think she sings that bad. Maybe she just loves music and wants to sing. People don’t have to be so mean and say all those hurtful words to her. After all, she is only 13! Don’t be so hard on her.

The song got viral on YouTube with over 19 million views and sure made Rebecca Black famous, even in a bad way. I don’t think this is a intentional strategy of the video-making company but the marketing success sure made many other online marketers salivate.

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