Touch of Evil

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I found this movie pretty enjoyable and action packed. It felt pretty “advanced” for its time in terms of plots and techniques, it definitely wasn’t as cheesy as other movies of that time. The beginning of the movie I found was extremely suspenseful. I knew the car was going to blow up, but I kept wondering when.. in the crowds of people, by the policemen, by the animals in the street. The damage caused by the bomb could have been far greater. The story was very well developed, slowly dropping hints about the corrupt “star” cop.

It’s interesting to start looking at activities in border towns. The Mexican/US border interactions are pretty interesting, and still very present in today’s current events. It was a good analysis of jurisdiction issues as so many crimes were and are still committed on both sides and across the border. I’m not sure if it was an issue at the time or if it is now, but it seemed like cooperation between US and Mexican officials seemed a bit rocky in the film. It’s hard to say whether its an accurate portrayal or whether it’s just for the movie’s sake, though. Ultimately, the cooperation proves crucial to bringing down a corrupt officer.

If I recall and if I understood correctly, it seems that most of the Mexicans in the movie were villains, whereas the Americans were right. I could be wrong, but if that’s the case it would make sense since it is an American movie. I think the portrayal of Mexicans as such is still current in popular media today.

I have to say this was probably my favourite film in class so far.


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