CPSC 210

CPSC 210, intro to OOP with focus on learning Java. There is almost no coding teaching in this course. They call it “immersion” type of teaching. Kinda like you dive into the sea and see if you can swim. 

Calculus for CS

Calculus pre-requisite for BCS. I think I am falling in love with mathematics. I do not remember a lot of concepts since 1999 but as they come back, they bring good memories. I should start helper of school courses.

My professor is definitely one of the best teachers in Canada in my opinion. Maybe one of the only ones who starts with the chalk on the board and when he leaves he is all dressed in white. He really takes the time to explain every little detail and he answers all the questions patiently. I wish there were a lot of professors like him in UBC (that I have the chance to meet)

Pink Mouse and New Computer

I bought these beauty to work better for my studies. I had a Sony laptop but it was a bit heavy for my 2.5 commute on the bus to UBC. The Asus tablet is going to give me freedom to jump, run and walk to school. Oh and the Pink Microsoft mouse, my favorite !