Posted by: | 7th Nov, 2014

SUBC Now in the EDC!

This is to officially announce that we are now in the Engineering Design Centre (EDC) in the southwest corner of the competition bays.

The EDC is located at 2345 East Mall.

Posted by: | 3rd Oct, 2014

SUBC is moving!

It’s official. This weekend, SUBC will be moving to the Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre (EDC) student team bays. We look forward to working closely with the other student teams located there, and believe is will be a creative and innovative environment.

Posted by: | 30th Nov, 2013

Engineering Open House Today!

Come on by and pay us a visit at the UBC Engineering Open House in the atrium of the Engineering Design Centre!

The event runs from 10:00 – 3:00 TODAY!

Posted by: | 3rd Sep, 2013

SUBC at UBC Imagine Day!

Come check out SUBC at the Main Event on Main Mall from 1:30 to 5:30 today!

Posted by: | 17th Jun, 2013

SUBC is now on Facebook!

Check us out on facebook!

Posted by: | 22nd Mar, 2013

Hull Progress

We have successfully released the first hull half from the mold! Now to cut off the flange and hatches, and start on the second half.

Posted by: | 15th Mar, 2013

E-Fest 2013

This is just a quick announcement that SUBC will be present at E-Fest 2013 at the Vancouver Public Library on March 23rd. If you’re interested in the team or engineering in general, feel free to drop on by and check out the event. More information can be found here.

Posted by: | 9th Jan, 2013

The Mold is Released!

The hull mold has been successfully released from the plug. The surface quality is outstanding, so we are ready to move on to making the actual hull!


Posted by: | 12th Dec, 2012

Hull Mold Progress

The mold is complete and in the progress of being taken off. Here’s how it looked before being removed. There are two layers of 1/2 oz. chopped strand mat, two layers of glass cloth, and four layers of 1.5 oz. mat. The black colour comes from the tooling gelcoat which makes up the inside surface of the mold.

Posted by: | 31st Oct, 2012

Hull Plug Construction

Well the plug for the new hull has arrived and final preparation in underway (See below).We are planning to start mold construction this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates!

Nearly completed hull plug
Nearly completed hull plug

Team members busily sanding the plug
Team members busily sanding the plug

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