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Content from 5 additional Open Access Repositories is now available in our Summon instance:

What does this mean? Well, you can search for “Labor Hoarding In Russia” in Summon and get a direct link to the .pdf in Deep Blue at Michigan. But searching for “Deep Blue” and Michigan will not get you the homepage for the repository. The content of these repositories is indexed, not the repositories themselves. Clear?


You already know that if you run into an access problem with a Library resource, you can use the blue “Access Problems?” button (when available) or just use the eResources Help Form to report the problem.

But to help paint a clearer picture of the problem, you can also cut & paste the URL from your browser when using the ejournal Portal (the ejournal A-Z list), Citation Linker (360 Link) or Summon. Any URL that begins http://gw2jh3xr2c.search.serialssolutions.com or  http://ubc.summon.serialssolutions.com is a Permanent URL (PURL).

By sending a PURL along, we can see the same screen you saw. Neat, huh?

We recommend that you do NOT upgrade to Firefox 4 at this time. We have heard a couple of complaints from patrons (one is that the Refine Your Search options aren’t entirely working in Summon) and heard rumours of other quirks.

You can read the Firefox 4 release notes here. We are investigating fixes on our end as well. Stay tuned!

As part of the implementation of our new Summon discover service (the “Start Here” box on the Library homepage), we are moving to a new OpenURL resolver: 360 Link from Serials Solutions.

What’s this OpenURL business all about? Remember the familiar button? That lead to our old OpenURL resolver SFX and then on to ejournal articles or ebooks.

Our eerily familiar new button leads to our new OpenURL resolver 360 Link. So, the new button works the same, but leads to a better place. Here is an example!

Your citation (in this case for an ejournal article) is at the top. You have a choice of sources for the article. Some links lead to the Article itself, others to just the Journal level. If there is no online access available, you can search the UBC Catalogue. Still nothing? Try InterLibrary Loans. Simple.

While we implement this new software, there will be overlap. So, you will see both the old SFX and the new 360 Link for the next couple weeks.

Questions? Problems? We’re just a Help Form away.

We have activated (almost) all our subscribed resources in the Serials Solutions Knowledgebase. Don’t panic if you didn’t see your favourite listed here in the past month. There are several possibilities:

  • it was already activated –we’ve been using the Serials Solutions Knowledgebase for ejournals for several years
  • it’s being tweaked –a couple difficult cases need a second look
  • it’s not in the S.S. Kb. –still not a cause for panic as we do ask Serials Solutions to add missing resources

Watch for more Summon announcements in the near future… not to mention related announcements on a new OpenURL resolver and improvements to journal/ejournal finding.

Our access to ejournals & ebooks from Emerald has grown.

Along with Emerald Management Plus [ currently offering 225 journals from 24 management disciplines  ] we now have:

  • Emerald Engineering eJournal Collection – includes all 19 journals within Emerald’s engineering, materials science and technology portfolio.
  • Emerald Business, Management and Economics eBook Series Collection – over 550 volumes from more than 70 book series titles. The series features topical, international and authoritative content from many fields including strategy, economics, accounting and finance and human resource management.
  • Emerald Social Sciences eBook Series Collection – includes more than 240 volumes from over 35 book series titles. The collection will be of interest to researchers in the fields of education, environmental management/environment, health care management/healthcare, language and linguistics and sociology and public policy.

All collections can be accessed from our Emerald Resource Page.

Anyone working on the Modern Middle East will find the Confidential Print: Middle East collection extraordinarily useful. This collection is an absolutely invaluable resource for both researchers and teachers because of the range of documents available and the ease with which one can access them. The database is straightforward, simple to use, and is readily searchable. Anyone accustomed to popular databases such as JSTOR will find the Confidential Print: Middle East collection immediately familiar. One can bring up an original document on one’s own computer and/or download a PDF facsimile. The database also provides all the documentary information needed by researchers in an easy-to-use format.” -Professor Michael Gasper, Occidental College

This collection covers a broad sweep of history from c. 1839 to 1969, taking in the countries of the Arabian peninsula, the Levant, Iraq, Turkey and many of the former Ottoman lands in Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and Sudan.

Jewish Life in America makes available to scholars some of the American Jewish Historical Society’s most important and valuable archival collections. Anyone researching the history of the American Jewish community will benefit from this treasure trove of primary sources.” – Jonathan D. Sarna, Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University

The material ranges from the manuscript of Emma Lazarus’s famed sonnet ‘The New Colossus’, to the records of the Baron de Hirsch Fund, which supported Jewish entrepreneurship across America from 1819 to the 1980s. Also included are a selection of American Jewish Year Book articles and research guides for the majority of collections.

Today is a double feature. Notice, as well, the inclusion of the “Encyclopedia of British Columbia” in the list.

  • Encyclopedia of British Columbia/ KnowBC
  • Treatise on Geochemistry
  • TreeSearch
  • TRIS (Transportation Research Information Services)
  • Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory
  • UNdata
  • United Nations Official Documents (ODS)
  • United Nations Treaty Collection
  • Uniworld Online
  • Victorian Database Online (LITIR)
  • VITIS-VEA Viticulture and Enology Abstracts
  • Water Resources Abstracts
  • Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals 1800-1900
  • Weldasearch
  • Women in the National Archives
  • Women Writers Online
  • World Constituents Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents &
  • Resources (via HeinONline)
  • World News Connection
  • World of Learning
  • World Shakespeare Bibliography

…they keep on coming!

  • PubList.com
  • ReefBase
  • Repère
  • Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
  • Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies
  • Sabin Americana, 1500-1926
  • SAE Digital Library
  • Science.gov: FirstGov for Science
  • Scirus – for scientific, technical, medical information
  • Scitopia
  • Scripta Sinica
  • Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law (via
  • HeinOnline)
  • Shakespeare/Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare
  • Si Ku Quan Shu
  • Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries
  • Social Services Abstracts
  • Something About the Author
  • SPIN Physics Database
  • STAT!Ref
  • Studies on Women & Gender Abstracts
  • Teacher Reference Center
  • Termium Plus
  • Thesaurus Linguae Graecae: TLG
  • Theses Canada Portal
  • TOCS-IN Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists

Here’s the list today.

  • Literature Criticism Online
  • Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926
  • MarketResearch.com Academic
  • Materials Business File
  • MEDLINEplus (Consumer Health)
  • Metadex Materials Science Collection
  • Meterological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA)
  • Middle English Compendium
  • NAP: National Academies Press ebooks
  • NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service
  • National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
  • Native Health Database
  • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
  • NFB Online Screening Room (National Film Board)
  • Nineteenth Century Index (C19)
  • North American Indian Thought and Culture
  • OMMBID: The Online Metabolic & Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease
  • ORBIS (Bureau van Dijk)
  • OregonPDF in Health and Performance
  • OTseeker
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
  • PapersFirst
  • Parliament Rolls of Medieval England
  • Patrologia Latina
  • Patrologiae Graecae
  • People’s Daily (1946-Present)
  • Perseus 4.0
  • Polling the Nations
  • Pollution Abstracts
  • Population Index
  • PrimateLit
  • ProceedingsFirst
  • PsycINFO

Remember, even if the resources are not entirely Summon-ready (or you’re not), you can still check out any resource you are interested in via the E-RESOURCES Indexes & Databases A-Z list.

Apologies, I seem to be falling behind in my updates. Call it holiday inertia.

Here are the activation in the Serials Solution Knowledgebase from last week. Just a reminder of what this means: Potentially items within the collections/databases listed below can be found when searching Summon. Connecting to an item relies mostly on OpenURL resolving (currently SFX). We are improving the results on that front and will have more announcements soon.

  • Oxford Digital Reference Shelf titles
  • English Drama
  • e-Therapeutics
  • European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES)
  • Faculty of 1000 Biology
  • FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals
  • Film & Television Literature Index
  • Financial Services Canada on CIRC
  • Forestry Compendium
  • Freedonia Focus
  • FSTA: Food Science and Technology Abstracts
  • Funk & Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia
  • Gale’s Literary Index
  • GeoRef
  • Government of Canada Publications
  • Grove Music Online
  • gutenberg-e
  • Health and Psychosocial Instruments – HaPI
  • Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)
  • Historical Statistics of the United States
  • History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
  • Homeland Security Digital Library
  • Index Islamicus
  • Index of Christian Art
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
  • Index to Theses … of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Index Translationum
  • International Encyclopedia of Human Geography
  • International ERIC
  • International Medieval Bibliography Online
  • International Monetary Fund Statistical Databases
  • International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA)
  • IPA Source
  • IRWI: Information Research Watch International
  • Irwin Law e-Books
  • Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • JustCite
  • Kdatabase
  • Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
  • Legal Periodicals and Books
  • Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1918-1981
  • Lexicons of Early Modern English
  • LexisNexis U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection
  • LibraryMusicSource
  • Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

While I was away, the elves (or one elf, anyway) was hard at work. Newly activated titles in the Serials Solutions Knowledgebase include:

  • Alcohol History Database
  • Alternative Press Index
  • Aluminum Industry Abstracts
  • American Film Institute Catalog
  • Archivision
  • Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts
  • Asahi Kikuzo II Visual
  • ASFA – Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts
  • Asian American Drama
  • ASTIS: Arctic Science and Technology Information System
  • AustLit: The Resource for Australian Literature
  • Avery Index to Architecture Periodicals
  • Basque Database
  • Berg Fashion Library
  • Bible in English
  • Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft
  • Birds of North America Online
  • Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities
  • Canadian Advertising Rates and Data (CARD)
  • Canadian Directory to Foundations & Corporations
  • Canadian Encyclopedia
  • Canadian Foreign Relations Index
  • Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
  • CCOHS Web Information Service
  • Ceramics Abstracts/World Ceramics Abstracts
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway
  • Columbia Granger’s World of Poetry
  • Community of Science (COS)
  • Compendex Engineering Village 2
  • Composite Industry Abstracts
  • Conference Papers Index
  • Constitutions of the Dependencies & Territories
  • Constitutions of the Countries of the World
  • Copper Data Center
  • Corrosion Abstracts
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
  • Current Index to Statistics
  • Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI)
  • Dictionary of Old English Corpus
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism
  • Digital National Security Archive
  • Dissertations of China (DOC)
  • Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology On-line
  • DRAM
  • Dyabola
  • Early English Books Online (EEBO)
  • Early English Prose Fiction
  • Earthquake Engineering Abstracts
  • Education Index Retrospective
  • Eighteenth Century Fiction
  • EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements
  • eMarketer
  • Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering
  • Encyclopedia of Animal Science
  • Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
  • Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences
  • Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, Third Edition
  • Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS)
  • Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics
  • Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering
  • Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science
  • Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Max Planck)
  • Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science
  • Energy Technology Data Exchange
  • Engineered Materials Abstracts, Ceramics
  • ENGnetBASE
  • Environment & Safety Library (BNA)
  • ERIC (CSA)
  • ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
  • Encylcopedia of evolution
  • Encyclopedia of global change
  • Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
  • Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
  • Oxford dictionary of the renaissance
  • Oxford encyclopedia ancient Eygpt
  • Oxford encyclopedia of American literature
  • Oxford encyclopedia of economic history
  • Oxford encyclopedia of Latinos/Latinas in the US
  • Oxford encyclopedia of the Reformation
  • Oxford encyclopedia of theatre and performance
  • International encyclopedia of linguistics
  • Oxford encyclopedia of food and drink in America
  • Oxford encyclopedia of children’s literature
  • Dictionary of American family names
  • Encyclopedia of rhetoric
  • Grove encyclopedia of decorative arts
  • Oxford companion to world exploration
  • Oxford encyclopedia of Mesoamerican culture
  • Oxford encyclopedia of maritime history
  • Oxford encyclopedia of British literature

Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800 is regarded as the definitive resource for researching every aspect of 17th- and 18th-century America. It provides full-text and full-page-image access to books, pamphlets and broadsides printed in America from 1639-1800. The content is based on the renowned American Bibliography by Charles Evans (14 vols., 1903-34, 1955-59); and subsequent bibliographic works by Roger Bristol, James Mooney and Clifford Shipton.

This digital collection contains virtually every book, pamphlet and broadside published in America over a 160-year period. It includes more than 36,000 printed works and 2.3 million pages, providing access to new imprints not available in microform editions.

Here’s a few more. Till 2011…

  • General Science Index
  • Web of Knowledge
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
  • Annotated Bibliography for English Studies (ABES)
  • ACLS Humanities eBooks
  • LLMC (Law Library Microform Consortium) Digital
  • World Newspaper Archive, Africa

Yes! Even more good stuff activated in the Knowledgebase.

  • PAIS International
  • PAIS Archive
  • Women’s Studies International
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (WPSA)
  • SciFinder Scholar
  • Applied Science and Technology Index
  • Art Index and Art Index Retrospective
  • Bibliography of Native North Americans
  • Canadian Research Index
  • Dictionary of National Biography
  • ERIC
  • Contemporary Authors
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism Select
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography
  • Hoover’s Company Records
  • Humanities Index
  • Humanities International Index
  • LexisNexis Statistical
  • Oxford Art Online
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Oxford Music Online
  • Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection
  • Oxford Scholarship Online
  • Readers’ Guide Abstracts
  • Social Sciences Index
  • SPORTDiscus

Thanks to the hard work of a new edition to team Summon, these COPPUL database have been activated:

  • EconLit
  • Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management (ESPM)
  • Family & Society Studies Worldwide
  • Geobase
  • Global Market Information Database (GMID)
  • Historical Abstracts with Full Text
  • IBISWorld Industry Market Research
  • IBISWorld Industry Risk Ratings
  • IBISWorld Company Research
  • IBISWorld Business Environment
  • IBISWorld Global Industry Research
  • IBISWorld iExpert
  • Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
  • Index to Printed Music: Collections & Series (IPM)
  • International Bibliography of Art (IBA)
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA)
  • Investext
  • Library & Information Science Abstracts (LISA)
  • Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print
  • MLA Bibliography
  • Music Index
  • New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online
  • Philosopher’s Index
  • RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
  • RIPM: Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals, 1800-1950
  • RISM: International Inventory of Musical Scores after 1600
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Social Work Abstracts
  • Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre TSX Summary Information Database
  • Urban Studies Abstracts

London Low Life is a full-text searchable resource, containing colour digital images of rare books, ephemera, maps and other materials relating to 18th, 19th and early 20th century London.” –London Low Life website

Topics include underworld, slang, working-class culture, street literature, popular music, urban topography, ‘slumming’, prostitution, the Contagious Diseases Act, the Temperance Movement, social reform, Toynbee Hall, police and criminality. Many primary sources housed in the Lilly Library, Indiana University

Go on, take a walk on the seedy side.

EBSCO Publishing, in cooperation with the John Carter Brown Library, has created this resource from European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1750, the authoritative bibliography that is well-known and respected by scholars worldwide.” –EBSCO Publishing

European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 has citations for more than 32,000 items. Use the embedded UBC eLink button…  …to link to full text (where available).

Access to the database is unrestricted (free to anyone).

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