Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontiers, or Doctors without borders is an independent international medical and humanitarian relief organisation with ongoing medical projects in 70 countries, and national offices in 21.

Friends of MSF UBC is a student society that supports MSF’s works by raising awareness about current issues, raising funds and encouraging students to consider working for organisations as MSF.

This part of my blog contains information on how to join FoMSF UBC, and the events we organise.

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FoMSF UBC team 2015/16


My role at Fo MSF UBC : Event Co-ordinator, Global Affairs (2015-16)

I worked as the Event Co-dinator for Fo MSF. The Global Affairs committee organised debates, discussions and created a platforms to talk about current global issues.

Disclaimer: Please note that Friends of MSF do not represent MSF. Though every effort is made to ensure their views are aligned with those of the organization, they remain independent.