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Real life shenanigans, bits and pieces of my life here at Vancouver as in unfolds

My First Week in Vancouver

  Whenever I dreamt of moving to a new country, I pictured myself getting down from the plane with two suitcases, and staring into a sea of blinking city lights ahead of me, and I would say to myself that

Toronto In Twenty Dollars

                                                   Ten minutes before departure, I realised that  I  have only a twenty dollar bill in my pocket.      I started making a list of the things that I can’t forget to take on my trip to Toronto the same day I

Why I love telling stories

When I was in the 6th grade, I fell down the stairs in front of my crush. Embarrassment flooded my lungs and I swore that I would never return to school. Just when the air of mortification began to lighten, the

The simplest tandoori chicken ever!

This is a family recipe that my mom makes. And now I am missing mom. 🙁 Ingredients  1 Chicken of about 1.5kgs  Soya Sauce ¼ cup  Dried Chili 1tbs  Tandoori Masaala   2Tbs  Butter 50 grams

Around Vancouver

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Coffee, meet my Bum.

Is that coffee on your….?   You might think that its your lucky day if it starts by someone offering you free coffee. BUT YOUR’E WRONG! It is not your lucky day. In fact, this might even be the most

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Where Do You See Yourself in the Next Four Years?

  Riding a unicorn to the moon.   Admit it, we have all dreamt about riding unicorns in space at some point in our lives — some did it when they were young, and unfortunately for some of us, we

If Flannels Could Speak

        Hello there! So Zeba is busy having a nervous breakdown over ONE lost hair band. Can you believe that girl? How is she going to live in that big city all alone if she can’t even

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