A Boston Cream and Hot Chocolate Kind of Day

Now people may consider me insane for saying this, but the reality is that I love the rain – probably because I have spent the past 18 years of my life in this beautiful city. And when it rains, there is a certain… excitement and nostalgia I feel towards it that I can’t really describe. But long story made short, although I love the sunny days (and the weather has been INCREDIBLE here in Vancouver past few months!), there is something that makes me very happy inside to see the rain fall again.

Mostly, that gives me the time to enjoy my hot chocolates and Boston Creams again, (and now this is turning into a Tim Hortons commercial) and that is EXACTLY what I did in my break today. The cold weather lets me have much warmer drinks and more chocolate-y treats, I find. It also reminds me of Christmas which is now a short three months away (yes, I start counting down in like August, and yes, Christmas is my absolute favourite season if you haven’t figured that out already :D)

Now there really wasn’t point in this blog post other than the fact that it is the time for Boston Creams and hot chocolates and hot coffee and pumpkin spice lattes. But I guess my message here is to find something positive about every negative situation. Maybe then you’ll find that you’ll love the rain as much as you love the sun here ^^

Until next time, I’ll be enjoying my hot chocolate at Tim Hortons. Cheers!

/end post

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  1. I also love the rain 😀

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