After the Initial Few Weeks…

So… the past few weeks have been truly amazing for me, even though whenever anyone asks me how UBC is so far, the answer I always tell them is “I’m exhausted”. But it has been amazing so far!

One of the biggest things that was keeping me going was quite honestly my birthday, which I celebrated with a few (like, VERY few) close friends and then family last Friday. (Shoutout to Willy, Jacinto, Haij, Big V, and Dan, y’all are awesome!) That’s the thing with September birthdays… is the fact that September is often the time for new beginnings, so for years like this one when there is a new beginning (I’d say University was a big transition!), it definitely is difficult to celebrate with anyone as everyone is either away from Vancouver or has a different schedule than you do. (Shoutout to my buds Austin, Anthony, David and Josh rockin’ it in MontrĂ©al right now!)

So now, as midterms approach, the hard and honest truth is evident that I actually haven’t been on top of all my work as much as I would have hoped to be at this point. It seems that a part of my brain is still wishing for summer to come back, and another part of my brain is still on summer mode. I am so far thoroughly enjoying all my lectures, so that’s always wonderful! But of course it’s the follow-up work and reading (For goodness’ sake Thomas, it’s just reading!! You LOVE reading!) that’s giving me a hard time right now.

I definitely don’t like the position I’m in at this point, because it is WAY to early in the year to fall behind! So I’m making it my goal to get on top of everything by the end of this week. MIDTERMS ARE COMING… EEEEK!!!

I’ll honestly need every last ounce of work ethic that’s still in me to make it through this week and get back into the groove of things, haha!

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