The Four Hour Gap, and other adventures

So, now that I’ve settled down quite a bit from all the crazy things that have happened past few days, including:

-Buying a purple UBC hoodie the second I got on campus the first time
-Dropping in and out of classes end of August and September even though I had an early registration time (DON’T DO THIS BY THE WAY GUYS). That’s the price of changing your mind during the summer!
-Gawking at how expensive all the textbooks are and then reluctantly lining up for around twenty minutes at the Bookstore to pay for them because a) I need them and b) I was too lazy to search online for used ones and c) it was cray cray season at the Bookstore.
-Meeting tons of crazy awesome people but still managing to not manage to remember their names
-Taking bus routes excessively to see if the 43, 84 or 99 gets me home faster
-Searching high and far for the cheapest place to eat. Then, settling for McDonalds because I need to gain weight.
-Meeting up with my high school friends because I feel lonely
-Taking the 99 B-Line to the University Village (one stop) because I’m too lazy to walk. Get judge-y looks from everyone on the bus as you get off one stop from the UBC bus loop.
-Using way to much money at the SUB Poster Sale
-Running frantically from CIRS to BUCH every M, W, and F because you don’t want to be late
-Searching for almost half an hour on the first day for a Starbucks (Yeah, more food!) and then realizing there’s one right in the SUB. *facepalm*
-Reading UBC Compliments, UBC Confessions, UBC Overheard, and other UBC things excessively and dreaming endlessly of the day I turn up on Compliments. 😛
and finally,
-NOT reading much of the reading homework I was assigned despite my best efforts.

Model student, I know. 😛 *covers face in shame*

Anyways, this blog post was actually here to discuss the amazing and yet head-hurting idea of the four hour gap that I now possess on Fridays after all the rubble and chaos has cleared from course registration. Yeah, I now have a gap from 10-2 on Fridays, and I decided that it is a time to remain on campus because the commute home and back would certainly not be worth it! 😛

For all those who have a similar predicament like me (WE SHOULD MEET UP 😀 No, like seriously.) I’ve kind of drafted up a list (YAY ANOTHER LIST :D) of things I have done so far and some things that may be cool to try! 😛

-Play Candy Crush for the four hours straight, switching from phone to computer and back. (I have not done four hours straight, to keep that clear :D)
-Go on a bus ride to the University Village (and get judge-y looks from everyone)
-Walk to the University Village!
-Find a bubble tea place (By the way, I STILL have not found one! Where is everyone getting their BBT, it’s NOT FAIR D,:)
-Take a little walk around campus
-Stare into the windows of lectures creepily and see if anyone notices.
-Don’t quote me for the above, I haven’t tried it yet.
-Wear sunglasses and walk around campus with the “I’m pretty much a big deal” attitude
-Go home (sad face for me)
-Text your friends rapidly to see if they’re in class, and if they’re not, to ask if they want to meet up. If they are, ask if they want to meet up anyways.
-Exercise… maybe? Naw, I won’t do that. I get enough running from CIRS to BUCH.

I’ve run out of ideas. Funny, this blog idea sounded a lot better in my head. It isn’t really exciting at all. Haha.

Well, it’s been fun guys, stay tuned for more later on!

/end post

2 responses to “The Four Hour Gap, and other adventures

  1. BUBBLE TEA AH. It’s kind of expensive on campus, but what should you expect, really?
    In the basement of the SUB is the tea house place, and in the village there’s Pearl Fever. Pearl Fever is more expensive (think 5 bucks a drink), but it’s waaaaaaaaay better.
    Also, in the wintertime it’s really nice using those four hour breaks for naps in the aquatic centre. Trust me, that was basically how I spent my second term last year 😛

    • Oh, THAT’s where it is!! I’ll definitely check it out this next week then. I actually had no idea there was a basement in the SUB… haha. Thanks for the awesome bubble tea advice – I think I’ll try both at least once just to compare 😛

      And that sounds great as well. Thanks for your advice Courtney! 🙂

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