Welcome to My Humble Abode!

Hello everyone! My name is Thomas Chan (but I also go by Tom, Tom Tom, Tommy, T-Chan, T, John and more recently, Black Box [long story]…) and I am one of the new members of the Blog Squad! I’d just like to welcome you to my little place on the Internet and at UBC.

I am from Vancouver and am currently in my first year at UBC in the Faculty of Arts (reppin’ the purple!) and I’m so very excited at everything that I’ve seen and experienced so far. The campus is beautiful (and populated) and I delight in taking transit every morning and every afternoon (well, maybe not the afternoon, it’s a little annoying in the afternoon). The 43, 84 and 99 are my very very best friends (metaphorically speaking).

Through this blog I’m really excited to share with you my experiences at this beautiful institution of higher learning. A more detailed (or less detailed, depending on how you look at it) description of me can be found under “About Me”.

You can also follow me on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, both @TheTChan. I post some pretty random things!

Anyways, please do enjoy my blog and stay a while if you like what you see! Cheers!

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