Monthly Archives: February 2014

Midterms already?


The past month has FLEW by and it’s unbelievable how fast time flies. This term so far I’ve found myself juggling my time between full-time school MWF and part-time work on TThSa and homework in all the spare gaps in between. (No idea how I’ve been doing it, seriously.) I’ve had very little free time (and hence I even forgot about the Blog Squad social on Monday…! I’m sorry Marshall, Houston, Samantha and all the wonderful people over there! Seriously!!). I think I’ve officially gone cray cray.

AAAAAAAND as we speak midterm results are flying in from last week and more coming up this week. I can’t believe how fast midterms are coming up – pointing in particular direction at my lack of reading anything course-related at all this term. My brain has been going into panic mode (WHY CAN’T YOU READ ANY FASTER BRAIN WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF PAGES TO GO) <-- that was my hyperactive brain and it KNOWS we're slow. And if one thing's for sure, I'm probably going to OD on caffeine pretty soon from all of it I took in the past few weeks. Or I'm going to miss my stop again (Side note: to anyone who has ever waken me up when the 43 arrived at UBC - I appreciate it. I really do. Seriously. It's truly embarrassing but I appreciate itttttt!!!) So we go back to studying. On the positive side, Reading Week's coming up! And the OLYMPICS! GAH! (Freestyle Skiing - Ladies' Moguls Qualifications tomorrow!! 6am local time!! YES GO CANADA!) After the onslaught of the two remaining midterms this week for me, of course. I'm sorry if I have freaked anyone out with this blog post. I appreciate you staying and reading! Cheers! Side note, shout out to the girl in the SUB who pointed out my laptop sign - you're awesome 🙂 Thanks for reading the blogs of UBC Blog Squad! /end post/