What? It’s [Almost] Over?!?

I have been SO incredibly lazy this entire term that I haven’t even gotten around to blogging :1 And I’ve said it time and time again that it’s been absolutely insane the past couple months, but also crazy how fast time has flown by. Seriously, it’s incredibly unbelievable. It only seemed like a few weeks ago that I walked through the campus for the first time a IMAGINE and finding my way around the campus, but already I (mostly) know my way around the campus like it’s my second home and I think I’ve relatively settled in nicely. But these eights months have flown by!

Of course, it’s not over until it’s over and now begins the fun part of cramming studying for finals. I got five coming up and considering how I’m doing in my courses all term, I am going to need all studying I can get for these courses.

Somehow, this term has felt a lot more challenging than the previous one – perhaps because I was balancing a lot of other things on top of school. Whatever it is, this term will definitely be an interesting memory and hopefully it all ends up ok!

Getting back into hardcore study mode to finish these exams. Summer is so close!

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