Rain, Midterms, Delly Desserts, and a Ton of Unread Readings

Once the clocks go back one hour marking the end of Daylight Savings, that’s really when the last trace of any summer/nice weather/good vibes weather goes away. The rain seems murderous and non-stop, and it constantly reminds me of all the work that I have yet to do.


Yeah, countless weekends have now passed, Thanksgiving has passed (it was wonderful), Halloween’s passed, and that extra hour has also passed and throughout this whole time I seem to be having some difficulty getting any work or pre-readings done.

I do, however, seem to have no problem grabbing Nanaimo bars and Triple Chocolate Brownies (my goodness. They are truly un-real. WOW. Chocolate heaven.) half-price at the Delly on Fridays, enjoying excellent coffee at coffee shops in Downtown (haha that’s so hipster, even though I’m totally not), and grabbing tons and tons of food from all walks of life in Vancouver. So just generally my life is filled with eating, drinking coffee for fun (I don’t run on caffeine), and staring in dismay at the rain outside. Meanwhile, my Psychology, Linguistics and Latin books gather dust as they sit a lonely life on my desk, never to be read until the night before a midterm.

Just kidding. But seriously.

I wonder how some people manage to get their game on and knock out a few good hours of studying. Meanwhile, I’m taking breaks after every section in my reading (Hey. Short attention span.)

I have a long week ahead as I finish the remainder of my midterms and look forward to a couple more assignments as the term winds down. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We have almost four more weeks to finals! GAAAAAAAH. WHERE DID THE TIME GO.

So this post had absolutely no direction, but at this point I’ve accepted that I’ve gone truly insane. Haha. Let’s end this with some awesome food pictures that I’ve taken the past couple weeks.



Can you believe how delicious this beef noodle looks? Wowww. SO. GOOD.




And this coffee from Blenz. I’m more of a Starbucks person normally, but this was out of this world.


/end post/

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