small victories on a little mountain

by Chantelle Belle ~ September 15th, 2010. Filed under: Commerical Dr/ Main Street.

A man with a cell phone taped to his face.  Booooooom’s 10th project begins:  Small Victories.

The guidelines are simple:

1.     Take a million photos.

2.     Select your best work (3 photos max, only one will be shown)

3.     Get  4” x 6” prints made (full bleed, no borders)

4.     Clearly write your name and email on the back of each photo

5.     Put the photo (s) in an envelope and mail to…


… is an unassuming art blog, created and maintained by Jeff Hamada – Emily Carr graduate and proud Vancouverite.  The site is the most visited art blog online, according to the National Post, attracting over 2.3 million pageviews each month.  Curated by Hamada, the site has become a massive catalogue of Art! Design! Film! Music! Photos! and Junk!

Through special Projects! Hamada transcends the digital confines of his blog and redefines artistic boundaries.   He is a young man with ideas, optimism and integrity.

small victories

195 E 26th Ave, Vancouver

Runs September 14th-26th

The digital world has collided with the physical world and Jeff Hamada has found himself in two places at once: redefining the boundaries of the art world and greeting friends at the Little Mountain Gallery.

Portrait.  Landscape.  Portrait, portrait, portrait.  4” x 6” photos from around the world scattered across the walls.  A gathering of friends, artists, enthusiasts, miscellaneous.  Finger-pointing-curiosity.

The exhibit is a forced embrace between amateur and professional .  “Democratized art,” as one man describes it.  A crowd has formed outside the gallery.   Free entry.  No purchases allowed.  Take a complimentary pin on your way out.

Earlier this year Hamada managed to squeeze the exhibit into a suitcase and took it to Hong Kong.  Booooooom goes global!  The local has become global and the global has become local.  Wrap your head around that one.

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