Why I’ve Been MIA

Hey guys, so, it’s been like, a whole entire term since I last wrote a blog post and I know, it’s all weird and stuff but let me explain. Well, actually, hehe there’s not much to explain. I just got real busy with school drama, school work, working out (no but really I actually started working out) and omg, I got a job.

Yeah, a lot has happened but also know that I haven’t only abandoned this blog for the past term. I abandoned both my YouTube channels as well ’cause I figured I needed to focus on school just a little bit. But now I think I’m ready to get back on track with writing. 1st year is done and it’s been a cray cray experience ya’ll. Like whut. Woah, I’m done a whole year of university. That went by fast eh?

Along with that, I got a job at Starbucks and I start, well, tomorrow! I’m kinda nervous because damn, I know close to nothing about the different brews and beans of coffee but hey, I’ll learn…eventually. Getting free coffee on the job has its perks 😉 I’ll hopefully get back on track with this whole blog thing soon and I’ll ttyl!

The Things I Do When You’re Done Midterms

This past week I’ve been piled with midterms, lab exams, presentations and everything that’s related to all that beautiful school stuff. I felt like I had waaaay too much on my plate, to the point where I was wishing I had some time to just drop a breath. But now that I’m done all my midterms and assignments before the break, leaving me with all this free time during my breaks and stuff, I feel like I have too much time.

It’s so weird, we always wish for more time to do, well…nothing, when we’re piled with life and school stuff to deal with and then all that disappears and you’re like, “Well, wtf do I do now?” I mean there’s only so much you can do in a 3 hour break, or when you get home. There’s nothing good on TV, all your others friends still have exams, and so you’re just sitting there like, “Hm, maybe I should go do something wScreen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.03.20 AMith my life.”

It got to the point where I actually forgot to pay my tuition. Thankfully I paid with one day to spare but still. How busy do you have to be to have countless emails telling you to remember to pay your tuition? Yeah, that’s my life alright.

Tinder Is So Weird

If you don’t know what Tinder is because you’ve been living under a freaking rock, in short, it’s a hook-up app. Most people use it for a quick bang, some people are actually on there to meet people. IDK why. To most, I’m like literally the last person you’d expect to get Tinder, if anything. But mhm, I do have Tinder. But no, I don’t use it for what you think I do.

My friend and I were hanging out one night and she was like, “Hey, let’s make you a Tinder.” I didn’t refuse just ’cause at the time, I had no fucking idea what it was. So we made it, and I instantly got addicted. Like comeee oonnnn, you’re rating hot-ish guys and then as a girl, when hot guys swipe right on you, it’s a MAJOR confidence booster. Not that I really cared, ’cause most guys swipe right on every fricking girftwkT16bl anyway just to see what they can get, but it gets interesting when you actually start screwing with people. Continue reading

What I’m Doing, Right Now.

As of right now, in this very moment that I am typing this blog post I’m at the SUB. Upstairs. At the benches. But, I can’t help but not be 100% annoyed at this girl who’s laughing with her boyfriend right beside me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love love and relationships and stuff but OH. MY. GOD. GET. A. ROOM. Sure I could move to a different place to sit comfortably and I would, IF there were other spots for me to go to. Like literally, the SUB is so crowded I can’t even. I finally sit down and these two. Goodness gracious. There’s a limit to PDA and having an annoyingly fake laugh. Oh wait, they’re getting up now. I think they’re packing up to leave. YES. SUCCESS.

This was a totally uncalled for blog post, and has no meaning. But I need to look like I’m doing something instead of just sitting here, waiting for the girl I’m going to buy another textbook from. So here’s a blog post. Hope you enjoyed.

New Year, New Term, New Adventures

Hey ya’ll.

Been a while since I last wrote eh? Well what can I say? Been a busy break if I do say so myself (‘busy’ = sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn on my stomach). I hope you all had a dope start to the new year. And let’s be honest, we all make resolutions but we never get around to it. Heck, my resolution was to eat healthier and I started the year with a giant-ass slab of cake. No shame. At all. I for one am not excited for the school year to start. Why? Because this term, I not only have 5 courses but I have classes, everyday. Of the week. FML.

I can’t wake up that early everyday for class. Damn. I guess I would have been a bit more excited had the weather been better but NO. It just has to be gloomier than ever.

I’ll try to regularly post, as I normally did during the term and I hope to see some bright happy faces to counter this awful weather tomorrow! Give it your all guys. It’s 2015 after all. We’re getting old. Don’t do anything you’ll regret (I mean I guess you could, they make for great stories after all).

See ya’ll laterrrsss.

Last Day of the Semester – Go Talk to Your Crush!

Guys, it’s Friday. It’s the last day of the semester. OMFG.

I just wanted to say that it’s been an absolute blast studying at UBC for this past semester. It was my first and man, I’ve experienced so much it’s kinda crazy. The amount of opportunities that UBC offers to us is actually frickin’ ridiculous. I’m not even joking doe, like seriously.

I feel as if this semester went by faster than the time it takes to blink. I still remember me stressing about my application a few months back. Will I be accepted? Will I have to go to college instead? Will I end up working at McDonald’s for the rest of my life? I can’t even start to tell you how amazing this semester has been. Even with all the stress from school and adjusting to the #unilife and all, it’s all been a learning process that I really enjoyed and hope to continue on for a long time.

I think the best advice I can give to anyone right now is that, it’s the last day of the semester and maybe you won’t have tomorrow to do the things you wanted to do today. Who knows what’ll happen right? I mean, I go on UBC Crushes all the time…believe me I do. And although there aren’t many crush posts about me (NO DUH), I see a lot about other people and I just think to myself, “Guys, this is your last chance to talk to that cute girl in Math 184” or “Girls, you only have shy of a whole day to get that guy’s number.” It doesn’t hurt to try man. What’s the worst that can happen? You ask to hang out, they say no, and then you probably will never see them again and just move on. That’s honestly not that bad but I also understand where one’s shyness can come from. Believe me.

Apart from crushes, if you wanted to play on the SUB piano or, I don’t know, go skating on the fountain while it’s frozen go for it (that is, if that won’t get you expelled or anything). Nothing hurts to try.

Now that the semester’s ending, I wish all of you guys the best on your exams and it’ll all be over soon! Can’t wait to see what the next term brings for all of us. 🙂