Texting – Strategy and Tactic

Technology has taken over, especially communication-wise. No more writing and reading letters, less e-mailing, less calls, but more texting! Nowadays, people do not have the time to wait for calls or do other tasks when on the phone. The demand for texting has increased substantially, and for every cell phone company such as Rogers, Telus, Fido, Bell, etc., texting is in almost every one of their most basic plans. Convenience is the key. Wherever you are, a simple text will get your friend to respond to you without having to go through the trouble of calling the other person and not being able to reach them. Texting is quiet and direct. Even SMS has been upgraded to something called BBM that only Blackberry phones have so far. BBM makes messages send through even faster, similar to MSN, but instead of having a computer with you, you have it right on your hands. In order to market texting, there must be a strategy; however, texting in general is considered a tactic. Tactic refers specifically to the action while strategy is the phase of the plan in order to bring forth texting into the real world. Therefore, marketing strategy is the best communication tactic.

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