Old Spice Body Wash Viral Ad Campaign

September 21st, 2010 by tjthebizz

Salutations to all.

Taylor Johnston here, and I’m wondering what is interesting today.  Well the hilarity of Old Spice’s viral advertisements has really caught my attention.  Aiming at a target market of 15-25 year old males, this company has compared and even suggested to the mass public that using their body wash will make anyone more of a man.  They have creatively managed this through comedic commercials seen online (some seen on TV aswell) portraying different male acting talents directly telling youth to use their product to become more manly, and in turn, to get more girls (the goal of life? maybe..).  A link to their official website can be found here. I believe they have done a wonderful at both attracting the attention of their audience, and successfully conveying the message they want to broadcast:  that their body wash blocks body odor for 16 hours and makes you smell, act and feel like a man’s man.

One of my personal favorite series is one featuring Terry Crews, a huge muscular manly man that can really draw all attention to what he is saying.  A quick montage of the videos he has starred in for Old Spice can be see here on Youtube. Personally, I find his slapstick, absurd humor extremely entertaining and funny.  So much so that I considered leaving my room right now, hopping on the chopper, and shreddin’ down to the Pharmasave on the corner of Wesbrook Mall and University Blvd to pick some up and try it out.  Would girls flock to me?  Or do the commercials slightly exaggerate the effects of the body wash?   Well I guess unless I try it, I won’t ever know if “Old Spice Body Wash is so powerful that it can put out the sun.”  Hmm.. perhaps logic can deduce and solve that conundrum.  Anyways that’s whats got my attention today, check it out!   It might even be more entertaining than carrots dressed up as candy.  You be the judge.

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September 19th, 2010 by tjthebizz

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