This site features texts written by students in SCAN 332A (Heroes in Nordic Literature and Film) in spring 2014 (W2013, term 2). These students represented here, some using pseudonyms, agreed to have their work posted online.

The assignment asked students to write a brief story, in whatever style they liked, in which they imagined the existence of trolls.

Read the students’ work by following the Stories page link (above) or selecting a story from the list below.

“The Modern Troll” by Megan

“The Misjudged Tromsø Troll and the Helpful Norwegian Boy” by Zoe Arthur

“The Gatekeeper Troll” by IC

Untitled by Ji Won Choi

“Troll Jerky” by Matt Clarke

“‘T’ for ‘Tea'” by Noah Cohen

“An Unlikely Friendship” by M. Cowley

“Trollrydning” by Katia Fernández

“Lonely Troll” by Anonymous

“The Tale of the Not-So-Ugly Troll” by Erika F.

“Arni and the Golden Whale” by Ants Hoiles

“For the Love of Cookies” by Angel Huang

“The Boogly Trolls” by Megan Jensen

The Trolls Up In the Mountain Cave” by Angela Johnston

Untitled by Chloe Jung

Untitled by Sarah Jung

“The Misplaced Tibetan Trolls” by Jolie Ko

“Troll Traveler” by Laura Krause

“Trollsielone’s Dream Come True” by PVCity

“100 Years War” by Chocolate Trolls

Untitled by Krista Marshall

“Fergus Forest Troll” by Kristian Martin

“Paspir Forest” by E.D. Mayo

“Tommi the Troll” by Julie O’Connell

“Trolls” by P. Sehat

“Trowling” by Christine Sherrington

Untitled by Michelle Shieh

“Oscar the Emasculated Troll” by MT

“My Kind” by Samantha Yip

“The Troll and the Hero” by Ying Miranda Zhang