The original political campaign ad depicts a facial sketch of the Republican Party Nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America, Donald Trump, while stating, “Don’t be a Chump… Vote for Trump.”  Donald Trump may be a magnate billionaire basing much of his financial gains on the plights and heydays of the American financial and real estate markets but he is also a strict conservative when it comes to issues of civil and human rights, equalities, access to resources, and economic freedoms.  The political ad subvertly promotes the political ideals and goals of the conservative and radical presidential candidate and the problems with his approach and way of thinking.  Trump idolizes himself for his financial success and mistakenly believes that he can use these talents to improve the nation. While the biggest problem seems to be that Trump does not address the issues with well thought out plans, he fails to acknowledge the need for a modern approach to achieving widespread social justice.  Trump targets middle class Americans with his smokescreen slogan, “Let’s make America great again.”  He uses it as a smokescreen and often reiterates it over and over again when asked to detail strategic plans about achieving his goals for the nation. Through the original ad, Trump preys upon the middle and lower classes by using the term “chump” to draw out the potential insecurities that a large majority of the middle and lower class feel about themselves and their accomplishments.  The ad does this through a bullying tactic by insinuating that people are “chumps” if they do not vote for him or want to “Make America great again.”  The ad also targets the capitalist desire to gain wealth that exists for the vast majority of middle class Americans. Trump is notorious for bullying tactics that do not work in politics.  A great example of what can happen when bullying tactics are used by a political power can be seen back in the colonization of the United States of America and the eventual revolution against tyranny.  By tearing apart this political ad, I hope to rebuild it in a way that shows what Trump is failing to accomplish for social justice in the USA.


My original plan for reinventing this ad was to make a multicultural version that somehow stated the shortcomings of Trump’s political and personal beliefs about social justice.  Initially I wanted to keep Trump in the ad but I realized that it did not make a powerful enough statement about what was wrong with his ideals.  After attempting many different versions, this idea for a jammed ad finally evolved into a version that replaced his image with that of his main opponent , the Democratic Party nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton.  Initially I reverted the slogan to, “Inequality is for chumps… Don’t vote for Trump,” but I realized that the ad needed to depart from the bullying tactics and represent a stronger more invoking concept.  I chose, “Fight for Rights & Equality: Don’t be Silly… Vote for Hillary,” because it boldly stated one of the most important differences in their political ideals: that every single American citizen- past, present, or future, disenfranchised or entitled, strong or weak, white or of color; is an important component of what makes the nation the great and diverse power that it was and can be again.  I envisioned that through a compare and contrast of two very different ads, one might understand the drastic and important differences in their beliefs on social justice and their approaches to equality.  In trying to create a contrasting image to the stoic and smug portrait of Trump, I took a cheerful sketch of the former First Lady and tried to make her image consist of many different colors and complexities so that she might have a multicultural portrayal  that represents the many facets of the American and world societies that she hopes to help and represent.  Realizing that skin color is not the only issue influencing her beliefs on social justice I decided to add religious, political, gender identifying and philosophical tokens to encompass the many facets of social equality that she stands to combat. In short, for this Ad jam, I attempted to make her likeness include hues of many different races, cultures, and religions to emphasize her honourable modern liberal beliefs on equal rights and social justice.

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