TSED 508 (Winter 1 2009)

Seminar on Bruno Latour and Science & Technology Studies
This seminar focuses on Bruno Latour, arguably the most creative and challenging scholar of Science & Technology Studies (STS) in the world today. Latour’s reputation and scholarship traverses an extremely wide range of disciplines in addition to STS (e.g., anthropology, art, education, environmental studies, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, sociology, theology, etc.). We will focus on four of Latour’s most recent texts: We Have Never Been Modern (1993), Pandora’s Hope (1999), The Politics of Nature (2004), and Reassembling the Social (2005). The seminar is interdisciplinary and inviting by design, and students from any and all disciplines are encouraged to enroll. We will work systematically through these texts to closely examine Latour’s strategies for doing STS— for researching science, technology, and technoscience as problems in what Haraway calls naturecultures and Stengers calls cosmopolitics.

Download the TSED 508 Syllabus (2009)

Download Pandora’s Hope Questions

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