Paula MacDowell

Dr. Paula MacDowell is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia working on research and advocacy initiatives to empower children and youth worldwide through education in media and technology. Paula is a technology researcher, innovator, and inspiring lecturer, currently instructing undergraduate and graduate courses in Media & Technology Studies, Digital Learning & Curriculum, and Creativity & Innovation. She enjoys working closely with K-12 teachers on how to best integrate technology in their classrooms to enhance learner engagement, empowerment, and ingenuity.

Paula is passionate about empowering underrepresented groups and marginalized individuals to be leaders, innovators, and change makers in technology culture: “All people deserve opportunities to be the creators, coders, and makers of the technologies that make our world, and thereby take part in changing who controls, owns, and shapes our future” (MacDowell, 2016). As a design and technology specialist, she has presented a range and volume of talks and workshops at academic and industry conferences worldwide. Paula is the author of diverse research publications and proceedings that explore issues involving: design and technology curriculum, digital inclusion, digital research methods, design-based research, gender and technology studies, technological literacy, technological innovation in developing countries, and the design of innovative learning environments (e.g., makerspaces, augmented reality, and virtual worlds). As the proud mother of two exuberant, curious, and creative children, Paula’s life is rich with incredible learning opportunities.

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