M.A. & M.Ed. Students

Technology Studies Education provides a forum for exploring and studying information and communication technologies  (ICT), digital literacies, social networking, new media, and the philosophy of technology. Curriculum, pedagogy, research, and development interests of faculty and students include affective computing, cyberculture and cyborg relations, digital ecology and diversity, distributed cognition, gaming, ICT integration in K-16 formal and virtual learning environments (face-to-face, hybrid, and online distance education), intellectual property, open source, and cultural studies.  The program offers a common core of courses, a range of electives, and a variety of professional education opportunities.

The graduate program in Technology Studies Education was created in 1992.  It was to encompass Technology Studies as a larger field primarily for specialization, not generalization.  Most scholars consider technology studies (TS) to be a complement of science studies, hence the TS in STS (Science & Technology Studies).  The major tenet of Technology Studies is that technological practices, such as cyberculture, educational technology, HCI, ICT, learning technologies, and new media (whether in education or other practices), can be studied as serious subjects and not merely instrumentally promoted as one might find in many educational institutions or venues.  By serious subjects, we mean from an interdisciplinary perspective with lab-focused experiences in digital media design and production as well as empirical and experimental analysis and production in philosophy and theory.

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