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Technological Learning and Thinking 2010: Culture, Design, Sustainability, Human Ingenuity
June 17-21, 2010
Vancouver, British Columbia

Details: Technological accomplishments characterize and transform cultures, and yet their relevance is undervalued and their place remains obscure in today’s learning institutions, in government policy, and in the public mind. With implications for culture, design, sustainability, and ingenuity, the conference and exposition explore how technological learning and thinking are celebrated, dismissed, taken for granted, or mystified. What mechanisms work for, or against, the integration of technological learning and thinking in democratic societies? What are their implications for culture, design, sustainability and ingenuity? What is the nature of technological learning and thinking?

The conference organizing committee invites papers that address various dimensions or problems of technological learning and thinking. Scholarship is welcome from across the disciplines including Complexity Science, Design, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Education, HCI, History, Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology of Technology, and STS. The conference is designed to inspire conversation between the learning and teaching of technology and the cultural, environmental, and social study of technology. We encourage the submission of papers addressing the following or related questions:

Technological Learning and Thinking. What is the nature of technological learning? How do children or adolescents learn technology? How do communities learn? How does the process of technological learning change across the lifespan? What does it mean to think technologically? Why are new literacies synonymous with technological learning? What technological learning is of most worth? What is the role of experience and pragmatism? How can curriculum reshape technological learning and thinking?

Culture, Design, Sustainability & Ingenuity. How do we learn to regulate culture and design for sustainability? Can learning be sustainable? What are the relationships between indigenous ingenuity, learning, and sustainability? Why should students be taught appropriate design and ingenuity for sustainability? Why are new epistemologies of learning necessary for design and sustainability? Is human ingenuity disingenuous? Why are new cultures of learning needed for sustainability?

International conference sponsored by The University or British Columbia and The University of Western Ontario, Faculties of Education, in conjunction with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

CFP: TL&T 2010 Call for Papers
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