A Polar Iconic Design

Coca Cola is introducing a new design to their iconic pop cans this winter to raise awareness for their signature mascot, polar bears. They are donating two million dollars to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as well as matching any donation to the foundation. 

This is a very smart move for the company. Firstly, the principal amount Coca Cola is donating is an extremely small amount compared to their annual profits so little is coming out of the company’s pocket. Despite the minuscule amount, to many consumers, it may seem like Coca Cola is a caring company bringing awareness to the world. Coca Cola can use this approval in building a stronger brand image. Thirdly, Coca Cola created a joint partnership with World Wildlife Fund matching any donations up to one million dollars. This is a win win partnership because the charity will be receive more donation this holiday season, while Coca Cola can use the partnership to build a stronger loyal customer base and once again, a stronger brand image. Thirdly, the new design Coca Cola implemented into their cans promotes their commitment to protecting the polar bears while it matches the winter season. Coca Cola’s competitors have created ads promoting their product as being the ideal beverage for the winter season, but so far, no one else has created a new design. It can be said that Coke is first to do this.

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