Marketing tools for the tech-savvy consumer

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With 2018 almost half over, we look at the marketing trend being followed this year.  An indisputable truth is that tech dominates every aspect of our lives and savvy marketers are busy finding ways to turn technology more accessible and interactive.

Consumers and potential customers are all hooked to some digital device, so it makes sense to be more personalised in the selling effort. You need to speak directly to the potential consumer. Market research shows that online shopping via desktops and laptops has decreased by 15 percent in 2018. This is over and above the mobile commerce.

Marketers believe that the trick is in mixing the old with the new or serving old wine in a new bottle. What always matters is the customer.  What the new technology of Artificial intelligence and data crunching and tracking offers is new ways to track customer preferences, this needs to be matched with Customer Relationship Management or CRM for the old hatters.

Another important trend that will continue is brands and corporates will bolster their online presence with physical outlets.  Amazon, Tesla, and many pure online marketing outlets are feeling the need for a physical experience.

Cross over and interactive marketing engagement is the new mantra.  Similar brands and businesses are offering collaborative experiences and content to offer enriching engagement.  A case in point is, health and fitness brands and product sellers are collaborating to give unique and engaging content.

Chatbots are here to make our daily lives more ‘assisted’.  Marketers are increasingly using the technology to make selling more personalized.  VentureBeat reports that in 2016 more than 30,000 branded chatbots were launched.  Chatbots respond to users’ voices and use the interactions to improve, become more intuitive with constant engagement, and progressively even anticipate and customise the answers to context.

Another noticeable trend is the use of podcasts. It is believed over 67 million people are listening to podcasts now. It is an easy way to reach the ears of consumers.  It is noticed that podcasts have the highest retention rate among all the new gig engagement channels.  Almost 87 percent of listeners stay with the broadcast till the end. With voice search devices now beginning to gain ground, podcasts have a chance to tap in to that source also with snippets, short attractive messages engaging the consumers—the potential seems to be vast.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is another trend that is here to stay. AI gives access to user data and behavior and the use of AI assisted chatbots  makes it easier to handle complex queries and use the interactions to improve, become more intuitive even anticipate the questions and come up with contextual answers

AI-driven personalised algorithms have increased conversion rates (purchases) by  30 percent, according to some researchers.

User generated content seems to inspire confidence among the consumers. Consumer voices add authenticity to the product. The human touch, empathy and feeling of participation it evokes add a touch of reality to the product. It is a way to win the hearts and wallets.

Another working trend is to build around events, be it annual sporting/musical events; or something  big like the ongoing football World Cup. Tying a message or an event or product deals with the event will always garner points with a hugely captive audience .