[Updated June 10, 2019]

The following is a rough timeline* of main events that occur, and requirements that must be met, for most (but not all) elementary & middle years and secondary teacher candidates who have been offered and have accepted an international CFE.  Specific requirements are outlined on individual placement pages.


  • Mid September teacher candidates attend the International CFE presentation.
  • Teacher candidates apply and register for an international CFE and teacher candidates’ applications are reviewed by the UBC teacher Education Office
  • This is a good time for teacher candidates to ensure they have a valid passport.  Passports must not not expire until six months after a teacher candidate intends to return from their exchange experience


  • Mid to the end of October, teacher candidates registered for an international CFE will receive notification of their placement and:  1) details about the next steps, 2) instructions how to complete their CFE application (if required), and 3) details about the international CFE pre-departure program. If a teacher candidate has not been offered a placement by the end of October, they will be notified and returned to the rural and local CFE selection pools. (Note: If an international CFE applicant is not offered an international placement, and any of the international CFEs that they applied to become available before December 31, they will once again be randomly considered to participate in an international CFE).
  • Locate their placement on the list of international CFE Placements and read about the specific requirements and expectations for you , your partner and your CFE FA.
  • Read the CFE Syllabus, and International CFE Expectations (before Nov 30)
  • Verify that they have adequate Medical, Dental, Travel Insurance (see Q & A’s for more info)
  • If required, schedule a 15 minute CFE meeting  with the international CFE coordinator.  Meetings are usually held Friday afternoons starting at 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM  until the end of October (to book an appointment phone 604-822-5242 or email: teacher.ed@ubc.ca).


  • Obtain required vaccinations  (See Q & A’s for more info)
  • Attend international CFE pre-departure meeting (TBD)
  • Connect with partner, email/mail them any information they require, and begin applying for required visas (e.g., TCs doing a CFE  in Hong Kong need to send the UBC Asia Pacific Regional Office,  the TC’s resume, letter of intent, passport information, etc.  Please review individual international placement blogs)
  • Register with UBC’s Safety Abroad registry.


  • Obtain required vaccinations (See Q & A’s for more info)
  • Continue working with partner to obtain invitation letters, etc in an effort to obtain required visa (where required).
  • Introduce yourself to international  partners via email, begin exchanging documents and information (e.g., TC’s receive letters of invitation) in an effort to get required visas etc.


  • Obtain remaining required vaccinations (See Q & A’s for more info)
  • January 16, 2021: Community Field Experience Contact Day.  TC’s use this time to connect with their CFE faculty advisors and/or their international partners.  If cleared by their CFE FA, the TC may be able to use the time to obtain remaining vaccinations, apply for visas, and complete a myriad of other pre-departure travel requirements (for example, this is an excellent time for those going to China to obtain their visa by booking an appointment with the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre)..



  • End of March, Go Global charges your student account ~$420.00 CDN for the International Learning Award
  • Send partners proof of insurance, (where required)


  • Second or third week of April, Go Global deposits your $1000.00 CDN International Learning Award.
  • CFE begins for secondary TCs at start of last week in April


  • CFE ends for secondary TCs end of the second week in May


  • The CFE for elementary & middle years TCs begins the second week and ends the last week of June
* Please note that the elementary program’s CFE start date is considerably later that of the secondary program. However we highly recommend the elementary group take full advantage of this ‘extra time’ and get their CFE trip preparations done long before their practicum starts.