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Feb 24 / chief

Elections Information

The History Students Association is looking to recruit new Executive Members for the school year of 2011-2012. The following positions will become available at our annual elections currently set to take place April 6th, 2011.


President: In charge of the social and management aspects of the club. Oversees membership queries and is the powerhouse behind the organization of most HSA events. Also oversees/works with the Vice-Presidents of Internal & External Affairs. Is the Department Liaison and attends most Departmental meetings and works with the Professor-Department Liason.

Vice President External: Is AUS (Arts Undergraduate Society) Representative. Works with various AUS members on AUS projects (such as Clubs Days and Arts Week). Oversees the organization of the PHP Conference at Thompson Rivers University. Works with other Clubs in joint events such as Fourgy (a Bzzr Garden).

Vice-President Internal: Works largely in tandem with the President, but oversees the HSA Blog and Facebook pages, and sends out monthly newsletters.

VP Finance: In charge of our yearly budget. Works with the AMS and Departmental liaisons.

VP Administrator: In charge of keeping weekly minutes and helping the VP Internal with the monthly newsletter.

Atlas Editor & Assistant Editor: Editor is in charge of overseeing and organizing the layout and design of the Atlas (our undergraduate journal). Also in charge of organizing the Reviewers/Editors in order to meet important deadlines for publishing.  Assistant Editor will assist the Editor in advertising and promoting the submission of essays (from mid-October to mid-December), recruit a committed team of editors by the end of December, and help organize all submissions to be edited by the end of winter break or January. Both the Assistant Editor and the Editor will narrow essays down to be reviewed and it will be their job to help organize meetings between professors and the editors/reviewers. Deadlines are crucial in order for the journal to be published

Social Coordinator: Helps organize/oversee various HSA events. Will be the HSA’s bookings representative – which means you’d be responsible for booking an appropriate space for our events and meetings when necessary in addition to ensuring that there is appropriate licensing at any events where alcohol is being consumed. Is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate sound & entertainment equipment is present at events.

Grad Representative: Represents graduating History Majors and the various processes involved in graduating (such as taking grad photos, etc.)

Sports Representative: In charge of all things sports related. Organizes team events for games like Dodgeball, Badminton, or even Storm the Wall, in addition to organizing evening games nights (eg. going out to watch Varsity Hockey, etc.).


All positions are expected to attend club meetings and be active members. You will receive as much support as possible in your roles; we want everyone to have a good year and to have fun! Team effort is emphasized to decrease stress levels. We know that everyone will be very busy, especially during essay and exam time. This is all about having a fun UBC experience!

If you are interested please don’t hesitate to email us at <> Also, if you are available, please come to our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 11:30am in Buchanan Tower (11th Floor room 1126) or visit us in the History Lounge on the 12th Floor. We recommend that anyone interested in running for a position attend at least one meeting before elections.

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