The Translink Commission released a decision on how to implement the YVR Add Fare a couple of hours ago.

Translink had originally applied to the Commission to introduce a $2.50 levy, to be collected each time a passenger were transporting between the Bridgeport and Templeton stations. The Commission, citing the “awkwardness” of the two-way fare, and that the fare did not adequately target air travelers alone, approved a new scheme which includes fare exemptions for non-cash fare media and creates a single $5.00 fee to leave the airport.

Translink Commission rules on scheme to levy the YVR Add Fare, as exempt many passholders.

One such non-cash fare media is the U-Pass. Others include FareCard, FareSavers, and other non-cash fare media at any station or other point of sale.

The report of the Commission also noted the “vast majority” of the 400 responses to their public consultation were opposed to the Add Fare. Common themes in opposition were deterring tourism, difficulty in administration, the U-Pass, a lack of alternatives, effects on ridership, affordability, and discrimination.

The Translink Commission is an independently appointed office whose job it is to oversee the 10-year transportation and financial plan of Translink. It is appointed by the Mayors’ Council every 5-years, and rules on increases to fares above 2% annually, as well as increases in the fuel tax and sales of major capital assets of Translink.

Included in the decision is a mention of the submissions made by the AMS and SFSS, where the Commission expressed that it was “sympathetic to the arguments advanced by the student Councils at UBC and SFU.” The AMS motion came from the floor by student at-large and fellow UBC Insiders editor, Neal Yonson, at the November 18th and 19th Council meeting after repeated attempts to bring this to the attention of AMS VP External Tim Chu were unsuccessful. The AMS later submitted this letter with the Simon Fraser Student Society.

You can read a summary of the decision in plain English on the Commission’s website.

The Continuous Voter Funded Media competition is still underway! Consider the hard work of UBC Insiders to bring you news and the Issues That Matter when casting your ballot. And hey, you just might get free access to the airport out of it.


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  1. Ubercart Themes on January 11, 2010 12:07 am

    This is a welcomed change from the old proposed fare scheme.

    Essentially this is a tourist tax and that’s welcomed. I still feel the fair is overpriced as it’s only a couple minute ride. Since it will not effect residents, except those who fly often, I could care less.

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