The Club 2017

UBC Neurology Club welcomes all students from undergraduate, graduate and professional schools who are interested in the field of neurology. This club also provides the general student body with fun and informative events that both amaze and stimulate discussion on our understanding of the brain. The club provides the UBC community unique and directed opportunities to further inspire and expose students to the many paths available in undergrad and beyond.

The Mission

The mandate of this club is to generate awareness and interest in the field of neurology and provide a social setting for students interested in neurology to network with each other, clinicians, and researchers. We promote the importance of volunteering and research engagement related to neuropathology and variation that informs students about the career opportunities in graduate research as well as medical training in neurology.

Note from the Exec Team

Thanks for checking out our website! If you want to get in contact with us, you can do so by e-mailing us or visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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