Weekend Whistler Trip at the UBC Whistler Lodge

0708-p2pgondolacomp-final1As the tradition follows, the UBC-PDA would like to invite you for our annual trip to Whistler. We’ll be arriving in Whistler early on Saturday, March 28th to enjoy a full day on the gorgeous mountains in Whistler. Whether you’d like to ski/snowboard/cross country, there will be something for everyone! Saturday night we’ll have a potluck dinner at the lodge, and Sunday we’ll hit the slopes for another day of skiing/snowboarding!

Accommodation Details:

UBC Whistler lodge, which is located 3 Km south of Whistler Village and within walking distance of the Creekside gondola (for more info go to http://www.ams.ubc.ca/services/whistler-lodge/). The UBC-Postdoc Association has secured 15 beds at the UBC Whistler lodge for one night on Saturday, March 28th at 36$/person. SPACE IS LIMITED and it will be first come first served, so contact Miranda Kirby (Miranda.Kirby@hli.ubc.ca) with ‘PDA-Whistler’ in the subject line, and provide us with the following:

• I want to stay at the UBC lodge: YES / NO
• I will pay for my accommodations at the UBC lodge via: email transfer YES / NO
• I will pay for my accommodations at the UBC lodge via cold cash to MIRANDA OR ELISA directly: YES / NO
• MY email address is: ______________________


We require the full payment by Saturday, March 14th. You can pay in full by email transfer to Miranda Kirby (Miranda.Kirby@hli.ubc.ca)or we can collect the full cash amount at UBC campus or off campus during the week. For post-docs on campus, Elisa can arrange to collect the deposit and post-docs off campus can directly speak to Miranda (our contact and work addresses are shown below).

Important points:

  1. Re: accommodation, if you are unable to confirm by Saturday, March 14th, you can make a reservation yourself online (Bookings.com) or send an email to the Whistler Lodge booking representative (whistler@ams.ubc.ca). Private rooms may be available and cost $54/person.
  2. If you are booking your own accommodation, please leave us your contact details and we’ll let arrange to meet with you on March 28th.
  3. In the past, car pools were arranged which is the cheapest option so if you have a car and can fit a couple people please let us know. For others interested in taking public transportation, Greyhound or Whistle Shuttle bus can be reasonably cheap when booked in advance. 

Pass and equipment info:
You are responsible for purchasing your ski pass and/or equipment rentals. If you purchase an Edge Card online 48 hours in advance you can save up to $20. A 1-day edge card costs $99 versus $119 for regular window ticket rate. For more info: http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/
Looking forward to see you all on the 28th of March!


Miranda & Elisa

Contact Information
Miranda Kirby
(604) 682-2344 ext. 62868
Elisa Wong


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