Chris Rider

Chris Rider 180pxLife as a postdoctoral researcher at UBC is rewarding, but involves long hours of dedicated work to be successful. As a member of the PDA executive I want to enhance your success through providing targeted professional development activities that work with your busy schedule. To save you time, I will ensure that these are available both in person at different UBC sites and online. I have >6 years of experience as an executive in student organisations, including 2 years as chair of a sub-campus wide student society at the University of Calgary. This group represented the Faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, including >550 graduate students. I lead an executive that organised a variety of social (BBQs, ski trips, Halloween parties etc.) and educational (networking with biotech companies, statistics seminars etc.) events. I also contributed to the construction and represented trainees at the opening of a new ~$550k trainee lounge. I look forward to working with the PDA executive and leveraging my experience to enhance your time at UBC and after. If you have any questions, please contact me at