Farzam Fotovat

Farzam Fotovat 180pxFaculty of Applied Science

I received my PhD at Chemical Engineering from Polytechnique de Montréal on December 2013. A few months later and after accomplishing a short post doc fellowship in Montréal, I started my post-doc fellowship at Chemical and Biological department of UBC. During the PhD, I had active collaboration with several Canadian and non-Canadian universities such as McGill University, Western University, University of Saskatchewan and Université de Toulouse. I have also had the opportunity to actively work with some Canadian and international industrial partners. Being friendly, cooperative and open to brilliant ideas and constructive comments, I believe that I can serve well UBC post doc fellows as an executive member of UBC-PDA.  My 6+ year experience in engagement with graduate students, post docs and scholars would be a valuable asset for me to understand and address their issues.

Visions and Goals:

  1. Improving communication between post doc fellows
  2. Raising awareness of available resources and services at UBC
  3. Inviting successful entrepreneurs to share their stories and experiences with UBC post doc fellows
  4. Organizing professional development seminars by inviting UBC young professors to talk about their journey in the academia

Running workshops for introducing the thriving industries and organizations in BC with potential job opportunities for post docs