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Sydney & Ally’s Cross-Curricular Resource

For our final project, the cross-curricular lesson, Sydney and I developed a mini-unit that integrates science, math, and PE/DPA for primary-aged students.

Through an inquiry into the body’s reactions to exercise, students will learn about how activity level leads to changes in heart rate. Students will measure their heart rate and use this data in real-life math problems. Further, students will be able to experience the workings of the cardiovascular system through a relay activity where they play the part of red blood cells carrying oxygen.

We hope you’ll find this resource useful and that you’ll have fun implementing it with your students!

PE, Math & Science Cross-Curricular Lesson

BOKS Kids – A FREE Physical Activity Program for Schools

I just saw a commercial for this on TV (I know right, a commercial about kids’ physical education?!) and I thought some of you might like to check it out! Bonus: it’s FREE!


A free before-school physical activity program for elementary & middle schools. Get kids active and ready to learn!