Insight Conference Part 1: Inspiration

On Saturday (September 2nd), I attended a conference held by AdvertisInc themed “birth to prosperity of an idea.”

At this event, there were manyenlightening keynote presentations that are worth sharing. This review will illustrate some of the important ideas outlined in the conference, and will be posted in two parts, each underlining a stressed aspect throughout the conference.

Topic: Inspiration


“We are all springboards for ideas.” – Trina Mousseau

As a Creative Account Manager at Inventa, Trina Mousseau knew everything to the invention of ideas. She shared with the audience the general creative process; what specifically engaged the audience was her insight into the brainstorming process  (in essence, coming up with the ideas themselves).

How to Reach Your Inspiration Point

1) Negativity Kills

Her first tip during brainstorming was to write everything and anything, even if it’s crazy. It’s all about delving into undisturbed earth.

2) Tips and Tricks

So what happens when you get stuck? Here were some of her suggestions.

– Find a random word/picture

– Role play (What would _______ do?)

– Silos (two minute brainstorms on paper with different sections)

– Inspirational websites:

On a final note, this is where I share my inspirations with the world:

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