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Internet Kill Switch: Egypt

A world with no Facebook? A world with no Youtube? A world… with no internet? We already know about censorship in China and North Korea. According to most recent updates, the Egyptian government apparently has cut off all internet in … Continue reading

28. January 2011 by Valerie Song
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New Samsung Technology showcased!

Is AMOLED the new LCD? This just in, a 4.5-inch WVGA Flexible AMOLED display and a 19-inch qFHD Transparent AMOLED will both be displayed at CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) by Samsung Mobile Display. FLEXIBLE AMOLED DISPLAY “Only 2mm thick, the 4.5 inch … Continue reading

21. January 2011 by Valerie Song
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Innovative Marketing Campaign #1: adiVerse Virtual Footware Wall

The Virtual Footware Wall uses LCD touch screens that can give shoe recommendations based on a customer’s gender (facial recognition). The footwear is displayed as a 3D model that can be viewed from any angle, and is accompanied by “videos, … Continue reading

16. January 2011 by Valerie Song
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