Culture Jam Assignment

Analysis of the Original Ad, “The Problem”



This was an ad published by a company called Natan Diamonds, it was released 2002 in Brazil. It is not surprising to see an ad for a jewelry brand showing a man giving a gift to a woman. The gift portrayal is usually the cliché situation for a jewelry brand. However, this ad, in particular, is disturbing due to the way the woman is portrayed in this advertisement.

In the first picture, we see women sitting with her legs crossed whilst the box of the ring is also closed. As viewers, we may interpret this as the women being surprised by her lover. The crossed leg position may suggest her femininity and her power as she sits there still in working looking shoes and formal looking dress.

However, the problem arises when we look at the right side of the ad where the women legs are open as the box becomes open and a diamond ring is revealed. This image is directly correlating women’s actions to the action of the box, which can suggest that women will “open their legs” in order to get the diamond gift. This makes women weak and correlates them directly to the object, which in this case is the box. Hence suggesting that women are objects that men owe. Moreover, portraying the women opening her legs for the men after he has opened the box can also suggest the “gold digger” nature that women as so often associated with. Hence, objectifying women and portraying to men that money can get them the woman of their dreams. Additionally, this ad can be said to be very sexual as the woman is seen to directly opening her legs to the man. This like in many ads sexualizes women and makes them seem like the objects of men who seem to be in power by being in charge of opening the box and thus simultaneous opening her legs.


Jammed version of the ad, “The Solution”


Ad’s are part of our culture, many influence the society and our views on gender and race. Seeing the original ad I was shocked by the representation of the women. By editing the ad I wanted to highlight how women’s role in our culture is changing and that women are becoming much more powerful than they have ever been! Feminist movements and social norms changed dramatically since the days our parents were raised. However, it seems that in advertisement culture women are still sexualized and objectified by male figures. In contrast to real life, where women are constantly fighting for equality and same opportunity rights as males.

By editing the woman’s legs and making her open legs crossed on both sides of the ad, I wanted to highlight that woman as not “owned “by man and that women can now days make their own decisions and money or in this case diamonds cannot buy love or women. To highlight the values that each female figure has and thus show that woman can make their own decisions and that these should be respected and acknowledged my men, I remained her sitting in a more strict and feminine position.

The new ad portrays women in the new light without sexualizing and objectifying women. Whilst in the original ad the women are being shown in bad light and decrease the power of women as she can be seen to be owned and supported by the male figure. In my perspective, more ads should change their attitude in portraying women as objects and as sexual figures. Instead, they should focus on the values of women and the power that women wish to have. Instead of the male figure giving the diamond ring the ad could show a woman buying herself this ring; this would portray the power and the status that woman have. I feel that the ad culture in respect to women should change, this would not only bring more content women consumers but will also change the attitude of men towards women and give more respect toward women in our society!