Posted by: | 24th May, 2009

First Impressions of Moodle

I enjoyed my first toolkit activity on LMS. I chose to explore Moodle over WebCT/Vista because my division runs its own Moodle server, so the opportunity is there for me to perhaps develop a few courses and use them with my students. Always excited to engage in practical assignments that can easily be transfered to my professional life.

I spent roughly 60 minutes on the toolkit exercises, opening a new course, adding a ice breaker message, and then setting up a graded discussion forum. None of this was very difficult at all. In fact, I was surprised at how easy it was to edit my new course. As usual though, I became interested in Moodle and spent several hours on the Moodle page, playing with features and pondering what I might add to my course. Lots of potential here, indeed. Because I teach face to face, I will have to consider whether a blended course would really benfit my students before I invest a great deal of time designing a course. Nonetheless, I think distance learning has a HUGE future, so any chance to develop the associated skills will likely be of value.

Stay tunes as I try to decide on a unit to build for ETEC 565. After all, if I have to design a course to pass the class, I might as well make something I can use in the future!

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