Sony Mobile Targets New Market-Rival for Apple

Sony Mobile Communications AB is targeting the Chinese smartphone market becoming a major rival for Apple. The industry is extremely competitive having many international companies, as well as a number of active domestic brands. But Sony Mobile will gain huge opportunities if it “focuses on the right products, is quick to respond to market demand and is speedier in innovation”(Shen)

Sony Mobile seems to have a very optimistic future if they can come up with strategies (long-term) suited for the fast growing Chinese market. Meaning, if Sony wants to bring the most out of the worlds biggest smartphone market, they have to know the market and target their consumers very well. This implies that marketing research on China’s smartphone market is now Sony Mobile’s fundamental focus and base.

The company is already ahead of the game for having already established itself in the Chinese’s customers’ minds and having its points of differences,it now has to take it the next stage. “Sony is a rare, comprehensive entertainment company, with operations in movies, music, gaming and financial services. If it integrates well, those resources would quickly make Sony devices stand out,” said Wang Ying, an analyst at Analysys International.



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