“Wow you’re from Colombia? That is so cool!”

I get this a lot. I find it ordinary that I am from Colombia, everyone back home does. This tends to happen everywhere in the world. I run into Canadians and ask them where they are from. “Nothing to exciting, just from around here (Vancouver, Burnaby, BC, Canada).” A Canadian in Colombia or anywhere outside from Canada or USA would be considered exciting. Just as a Colombian in Europe, USA or Canada would be considered extravagant but an ordinary sight in Ecuador, Venezuela, PerĂº, Brazil etc.

My name is Vicente Gonzalez. I came here to Canada after a long sequence of unpredictable and fortuitous events. Of all the places my mind thought of when imagining my future, Vancouver was practically inexistent until a couple of months ago. But anyways, here I am.

I love reading and writing, in spanish and english as well. Philosophy and literature became throughout high school my two favorite areas of study as I fell in love with (platonically) with Plato’s reflection on reality and love. My identity is strongly linked to that of my country, especially through the works of Garcia Marquez which have tremendous value and impact and the person who I am and will become.

If any day I look mad, don’t worry. Odds are that one of my soccer (football actually) teams lost and that really pisses me off.

Anyways that’s a little about me, a breve synopsis. I didn’t want to spoil the ending.

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