Snow White

by viktoria vdovina

While reading the fairytale Snow White by Brothers Grimm, I found it very interesting how women were portrayed in the story. The Queen is shown to be obsessed with her appearance and constantly stares into her mirror asking it “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” As Snow White grows older, she becomes more and more beautiful ultimately leaving the Queen with no other choice but to kill her as she is incredibly envious. She will go to any length to remain the most beautiful person and doesn’t care about harming anyone else in the process.

Snow White is also depicted in a horrible way. She is very naive and desires beauty. She is easily convinced by the evil queen to open the door despite being warned not to by the dwarfs. The queen always offers her beautiful things like a comb to brush her hair, or more importantly an appealing looking apple. She is shown to care about beauty and is arguably no better then the queen. Another interesting point is that when Snow White is saved by the dwarfs they reach an agreement that she if she cooks and cleans she is allowed to stay at their home while they go and work. Although it is just a story and is meant for entertainment it portrays women in a very negative way.