The colour green in the film Vertigo

by viktoria vdovina

This week in Arts One we got the opportunity to watch one of Hitchcock’s most famous films Vertigo. I personally thought the film was interesting and had a very unique plot line. While watching the film I noticed that the colour green appeared a lot throughout the movie. For example when Scottie first sees Madeline in the restaurant she is wearing a bright green gown. At first I thought that she was wearing such a vibrant colour in order for the audience to notice her, however what I found very interesting was when Scottie first meets Judy she is also wearing a green outfit. Maybe that was Hitchcock’s way of hinting to the audience that Judy and Madeline may be the same person. A few other examples of the colour green being used throughout the film was:

Madeline’s green car, Scottie wearing a green sweater after saving Madeline from drowning, and the hotel where Judy is staying is the called “the Empire Hotel” and the sign is bright green.

Finally perhaps the most weirdest part is when we first see Judy wearing Madeline’s suit she appears like a ghost and when she is entering the room she is seen in a green light. I don’t exactly know why the colour green would appear throughout the movie so many times, however I do think there is a specific reason for this.