Hello, name is Vincent Yam (Chinese characters: 任光信). You can call me Vincent, Vince, Vinny, Yamfries or Yammer.  Just don’t call me Sweet Potato (I mean it).  I was born in Burnaby, but lived in Vancouver for most of my life with my father, mother and soon to be 17 year old little sister.  Apart from that, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 5 year from ages 7-13. I graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program of Sir Winston Churchill Secondary (for those who don’t know what IB is, google it.  Is it that difficult?).  I have a strong interest in History, particularly conflict history.  My most knowledgeable time periods being World War 2, though I do know quite a bit about Napoleonic, Medieval and Ancient History. I like playing video games, (don’t own a console though).  I usually like to play computer games such as League of Legends.  Also, I am an avid reader and my favorite genres include fantasy and historical fiction.  My favorite authors are (no particular order): J.K. Rowling, Garth Nix (god of fantasy right there), R.A. Salvatore, Brian Jacques, Tamora Pierce, Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow.  As for TV shows, I like documentaries (Mythbusters, Mayday), food (Top Chef Masters) and some Korean Drama (Dream High, City Hunter).  Don’t call me a slob or couch potato though because I also practice sports.  I have a black belt in Taekwondo (Dan 1) and play soccer.  My favorite hobby is writing my own original stories and fanfiction… I’ve only ever published the fanfiction XD

If I go on for any longer you’ll be bored out so tata!


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