Take a study break!

At this time of year amidst the midterms and presentations and papers it’s easy to get sucked into the internet during a “study break”, only to be spit back out hours later- scared and confused with a pile of work in front of you. Never fear, the Gage Blog is here! Below are a few suggestions you might be interested in if you’d like a quick (and somewhat educational) study break that will take no more than 20 minutes – after the video it’s back to the books for you!



If you haven’t already heard of TEDTalks, you’re in for a treat. With a motto like “Ideas Worth Spreading”, you might guess that some of the ideas presented at the annual TED conferences might be contagious, or leave you feeling inspired, and you’d be right. TED is a popular nonprofit dedicated to sharing ideas from around the world; These presentations usually range from 5 – 20 minutes long, and address nearly every topic you can think of.




Like what you see? UBC hosts its own independent TED event known as the TEDx Terry Talks each year, check out the link below.




Did you ever get around to reading that bestseller, The Fault in Our Stars? Turns out the author, John Green, is not only a successful writer, he also has a really awesome Youtube channel that can teach you about nearly anything you might be curious about.



And finally, the SciShow provides a bunch of brief “mini-documentaries” on mainly science-related topics. Psychology and anthropology are also discussed, but anyone could enjoy these videos, as they’re targeted towards a huge audience!



Happy viewing!



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