Urban Rivers

A belated announcement that Urban Rivers, a volume that I co-edited with Stéphane Castonguay has appeared with the University of Pittsburgh Press in their Urban Environments Series, edited by Joel Tarr and Martin Melosi.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Introduction 1
Stéphane Castonguay and Matthew Evenden

Part I. Industrialization and Riverine Transformations
Chapter 1.
Brussels and Its Rivers, 1770–1880: Reshaping an Urban Landscape 17
Chloé Deligne

Chapter 2.
The River Lea in West Ham: A River’s Role in Shaping Industrialization
on the Eastern Edge of Nineteenth-Century London 34
Jim Clifford

Chapter 3.
An Urban Industrial River:
The Multiple Uses of the Akerselva River, 1850–1900 57
Eyvind Bagle

Chapter 4.
The Rivière des Prairies: More than Montreal’s Backyard? 75
Michèle Dagenais

Part II . Urbanization and the Fu nctions of Rivers

Chapter 5.
The Seine and Parisian Metabolism: Growth of Capital Dependencies in the
Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 95
Sabine Barles
Chapter 6.
The Channelization of the Danube and Urban Spatial Development in
Vienna in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries 113
Gertrud Haidvogl

Chapter 7.
Rivers and Risk in the City: The Urban Floodplain as
a Contested Space 130
Uwe Lübken

Chapter 8.
The St. Lawrence and Montreal’s Spatial Development in
the Seventeenth through the Twentieth Century 145
Jean-Claude Robert

Chapter 9.
Urbanization, Industrialization, and the Firth of Forth 160
T. C. Smout

Part III . Territorialities of Water Management

Chapter 10.
Diverting Rivers for Paris, 1760–1820: Needs, Quality, Resistance 183
Frédéric Graber

Chapter 11.
Fluid Geographies: Urbanizing River Basins 201
Craig E. Colten

Chapter 12.
To Harmonize Human Activity with the Laws of Nature: Applying the
Watershed Concept in Manitoba, Canada 219
Sh annon Stunden Bower

Conclusion 237
Stéphane Castonguay and Matthew Evenden

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