My first few weeks: midterms


I know it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged, and I’d like to blame it on midterms. They come out of nowhere, (even though I’ve known about them since September), and wreck havoc on your life. So far I’ve pulled one all-nighter, drank countless energy drinks and ate my years worth of junk food, all for a C and a C+.

I think it’s easy to see, even within that first paragraph, where exactly I’ve been going wrong.

First of all, do not ignore your midterms until they are upon you! Stay on top of your class work, because unfortunately, you can not learn a month and a half of calculus in half a week, no matter how hard you try. If you balance your schedule, instead of wasting away your life on tumblr and netflix, you will definitely fair better than I have! You DO NOT deserve a break if you’ve only covered the first chapter out of seven, no matter how much you think you do.

I learned a lot about my ability to procrastinate, I somehow managed to download every app and read every tip site on how to study, so instead of studying what I should have been, I’ve been studying studying! Not very helpful in the long run!

Also, get a handle on your sleep schedule! Nothing shuts you down faster than sleeping 4 hours a night with the stress of a midterm approaching. Instead, spend the time you usually waste on netflix, tumblr, etc. and do some studying, because in the long run, a good mark is a lot more rewarding than a bunch of funny shows, blogs, and GIFs.

I’m determined to get a handle on this now and hopefully my next set of midterms goes a bit better! I wish everyone else writing midterms the best of luck, and I imagine if you somehow wound up on my page looking for midterm advice instead of studying, you might just need the kick in the butt to get going! So keep studying! Don’t give up yet!


P.s. I’m going to blog weekly now! This is one thing I won’t let fall behind! πŸ™‚

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my first few weeks: classes

As I start my journey through my first year, I thought it would be nice to establish some thoughts I’ve had on various aspects of the student life. I hope to have a few posts written on my experiences throughout first semester, so here is my first one!

Here are just a few tips, observations and musings, all from a newbie’s perspective!


This semester I have five courses, which is the typical course load for a full time student. I’m taking Math 102, Chem 121, Physics 100, Bio 140 and English 112 this term, so here are just a few things I’ve observed about them!

1. Math 102 Differential Calculus with Applications to Life Science

(Eric Cytrynbaum)

So far this class hasn’t been overly bad. I’m not super strong in calculus, but Cytrynbaum is engaging and the short class time (50 minutes) helps to keep focus. As far as assignments go, there is a lot, but they all help to keep you on track, and if you do them before the deadline, you will keep up in class and have a good idea of whats going on. So far, it’s been mainly review (at least with regards to Math 31 in Alberta), but I don’t mind the class as far as a math class could go. There’s a lot of available resources online, so that’s definitely a perk.

2. Chem 121 Structural Chemistry with Application to the Chemistry of the Elements

(Dr. Angela Crane)

This class is easily one of my favourites. Dr. Crane is engaging, funny and her lessons are well designed in terms of notes and continuing reference to the ChIRP (textbook). The material is new for me, but if you pay attention and put in time at home to review, you should be able to keep up. I definitely recommend taking advantage of the online material, as it is informative and the practice quizzes help to give you an idea of what you need to work on.

3. Physics 100 Introductory Physics

(Mayra Tovar)

In terms of material, this class should be fairly easy as long as you have taken Grade 11 Physics. I haven’t found any of the curriculum overly challenging yet, but then again, we aren’t even a month in. The class is very large which does make it a bit more difficult, but overall, Tovar seems like a very nice prof who is invested in seeing everyone succeed. That being said, I feel like a lot of class time is wasted using Learning Catalytics, a internet alternative to the iClickers, and that definitely takes away from my enjoyment.

4. Bio 140 Laboratory Investigations in Life Sciences

This is probably my least favourite class. I find it rushed and the lab work difficult, especially when it is only worth 2 credits. That being said, I find the material we’re learning about really interesting, and I can’t complain about being able to observe live marine organisms, as I hope to major in biology. I just get the feeling that my TA doesn’t really want to be there.

5. English 112 Strategies for University Writing

(Gillian Jerome)

In comparison to the last class, my least favourite, this is probably my overall favourite class. Prof. Jerome makes everything interesting, and the course material is stimulating and thought-provoking. However, I have a bit of a soft spot for the humanities, and will admit that coming from a science student point of view, this class may be challenging and frustrating for many. I however, am enjoying the challenge and always look forward to this class.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about my classes for now, as my accompanying labs have only happened once or twice. Hopefully someone finds this useful one day.

Miranda πŸ™‚





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Moving In

Hey guys!

So far, I’ve been at UBC for two days, and it has already been quite the adventure! I arrived at move in day after a 12 hour drive from my home town, and I was honestly just grateful to be out of the car! Soon we got busy unpacking, my parents left, and I was all alone with my room overflowing with boxes! I unpacked and then went to the floor meeting and storm the dining room, where I met some people, and was honestly impressed with the food! Everyone says residence food is like cardboard, but so far I’ve really enjoyed it!

Yesterday I went on an adventure to visit my friend at the Art Institute, and I’m not going to lie, being from a small town, the buses were pretty overwhelming, but I eventually got there, and I’m glad I pushed myself to do it! So far, all the advice I have is to put yourself out there, and do your best to talk to people, because everyone’s in the same boat, and so far, everyone has been super friendly! I can’t wait to see how everything goes, and I hope everyone else is having a great time!

Miranda πŸ™‚

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About Me


My names Miranda, and I am currently 17! I’m a freshman this year, and I am super excited to be attending UBC! I’ve come all the way down here from a little town near Calgary, Alberta, called Crossfield. It’s a little town full of rodeos, mudding and hicks, and even though I’m excited to be out here in a totally new environment, I miss it, for some weird reason.

I have a lot of interests, but I will definitely write down a few here! I really love Game of Thrones, Supernatural and The Walking Dead, as far as TV goes. I am a huge fan of U2, Bastille, Keane, Lana Del Rey and Luke Bryan, so my music tastes are pretty diverse and I’m always looking for new things to listen to! I play guitar, read way to much, and I love to travel! I’m already hoping to go abroad sometime during my degree, and I would love to learn how to speak German and visit Germany! I’m not a hundred percent sure what else there is to tell about me, but I’m always excited to hear from people who share similar interests, or who have the exact opposite interests! I’m pumped to be a part of UBC’s Blog Squad, and I can’t wait to start my first year!

Miranda πŸ™‚

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