This site is for our dear friend Rumana to send her all our love and support to help her overcome the horrible attack she suffered. Everyone is welcome to participate in any way we can. It is now confirmed that Rumana will not regain her sight (as of Jul 18, 2011). Please feel free to submit your audio messages of support to Rumana. Instructions under “Audio Messages”.

Rumana Monzur was completing a master’s degree in political science at The University of British Columbia.  In May 2011, she went home to Bangladesh to visit her family and work on her thesis.  Unfortunately, she only went back to her family to lose the most precious gift from life, her eyesight.  On June 5, as her husband found out that she wished to continue her studies and obtained a scholarship to do a PhD, he brutally attacked her in front of their 5 year-old daughter.  He tried to gouge her eyes out with his fingers, chewed off part of her nose and bit her face.

Everyone who knew Rumana describes her as a kind, sweet and caring person.  Someone who is extremely devoted to her family and observant of the Muslim religion.

We are coming together to voice our rejection of this horrible act of violence against our dear friend Rumana and call for justice.


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