CFP: Beyond the Academy

by E Wayne Ross on April 24, 2008


Beyond the Academy
June 10-11, 2008
Arlington Campus of George Mason University.

Meeting just outside the nation’s capital in the midst of a presidential campaign year, public scholars from across the country will discuss the ways in which their work is more than “academic,” how it helps strengthen democratic institutions and public life and can bring about civic change.

To be considered for the program, send a 450-550 word abstract by Monday, April 28 to with the subject line “public scholars.” Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reclaiming the civic mission of the university
  • The incentive structure of university scholarship
  • The self-understanding of scholars and their relationship to the public
  • How to be the public’s allies in democratic work
  • What kind of research does a democratic public need?
  • Organic vs. traditional scholarship: How does Milton matter?
  • Assessing the engaged campus movement
  • Independent scholars, the academy, and the public
  • Advocacy versus Engagement
  • The multiple ways communities, individuals and non-academic institutions contribute to public knowledge (e.g., film festivals, literary festivals, literacy initiatives)

For more information go to:

CO-CHAIRS: Noelle McAfee, George Mason University; Claire Snyder, George Mason University

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: David Cooper, Michigan State University; Maria Farland, Fordham University; Sharon Meagher, University of Scranton; Scott Peters, Cornell University; Mary Stanley, Independent Scholar; John Stuhr, Vanderbilt University; Nancy Thomas, The Democracy Imperative; Debi Witte, Kettering Foundation.